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Join our weekly choir in Stevenage and contact us to BOOK a FREE taster session.

Sing Rock is a fun, informal singing group designed for anyone to participate in.  You do not need to have ever sung a note before or read music to live out that rock star dream!

The concept of Sing Rock is singing popular songs as part of a group.

We will train you to sing the songs worked on, and throughout the year we will hold live events at which you will perform for your family and friends, accompanied by live musicians with a range of electric and acoustic sets - depending on where we will be performing.  This is the ultimate rock star experience!

Sing Rock meet Thursday 7.00pm - 8 pm, the Practice Roomz, Stevenage Old Town.

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Sing Rock


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Practice Roomz, Stevenage Old Town
Thursdays 7-8pm

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